I am an acUntitledademic economist living and teaching in Beirut. My main interest is Bitcoin, and I intend to use this blog to write mainly about Bitcoin and economics, but also a wide variety of topics that interest me, such as the paleolithic diet, which I have adopted since 2009 with great results; football, and my lifelong love affair with Liverpool Football Club; as well as history, music, grilling, and whatever else tickles my fancy.

I am the author of The Bitcoin Standard, out from Wiley in 2018, and soon to be translated to Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, Korean, Turkish, and Croatian.

You can find me on Twitter.

I teach online courses on Udemy.




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Life is short, and internet arguments are one of the worst ways to waste it. It is healthy to get exposed to new ideas, but it is toxic to try to argue with everyone you disagree with. Please keep your comments brief: mention something related, point out an error, offer a different interpretation, etc. If you disagree enough to want to write a long diatribe, kindly just move on and let me get on with my life. There are other people writing things on the internet, and I’m sure many of them will agree with you.

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  1. caught you on the max keiser show and i was deadly impressed. your point of view was nothing short of brilliant. tight, logical, moral. truly great work! i wish you the very best.

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