The Bitcoin Standard Research Bulletin.

I am producing a monthly email bulletin for subscribers only, containing research into the economic aspects of Bitcoin. If you value my work, subscribing to this bulletin will allow me to focus more of my time on researching Bitcoin and delivering analysis directly to you without having to go through the delays of traditional publishing, or compromising my message to accommodate the platform on which it is published.

You can subscribe through my Patreon page, or directly through bitcoin or Paypal by emailing for instructions.

The subscription fee is $50 per month for receiving the monthly Bitcoin Standard Research Bulletin, and joining a weekly video Q&A session.

The personal consultation subscription is $200 per month, and includes receiving the monthly Bitcoin Standard Research Bulletin, individual answers to your questions on the topic over email, and a one hour phone consultation per month, and joining a weekly group discussion and Q&A session.

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Past reports
Past reports are available for sale at $50 each, or $120 for three reports, by contacting and paying via paypal or bitcoin.

Published reports so far:

TBSRB1: Sep 2018: Bitcoin, central banking, and fractional reserve banking
TBSRB2: Oct 2018: Bitcoin monetization scenarios and financial crises
TBSRB3: Nov 2018: Bitcoin mining: energy and security
TBSRB4: Dec 2018: Fiat money and fiat food: When Ludwig von Mises met Weston Price